The Industrial Revolution.

The Mass Media Revolution.

and now…

The Internet Revolution.

Every so often there is a change and a huge breakthrough in innovation that changes the way we live and operate. Fortunately for everyone reading this right now, you are living through the internet revolution. For many, we talk about the internet and how we couldn’t imagine life without it, but we don’t truly understand exactly how enormous of a time we are living in. While we read about huge moments in history in our textbook, many years from now “students” will be learning about the age we are living through. So instead of marveling at the internet, grooming our social media, and watching others take advantage. You should be take part of this technological breakthrough and leave your impact. Stop watching people make great videos on YouTube while your channel is empty, and stop following people on Twitter who are growing their brand while you just maintain yours.

You don’t want to be the one telling your kids and grandkids that you lived through the internet revolution and watched it pass. The internet has enabled the American dream, we all have the tools to be successful and empower each other. So let’s all take advantage of this growing technology. Like many of you, I don’t have an exact idea of where I want to go with my career path. But unlike my ancestors I don’t have to wait to be “picked” by a talent director or someone in human resources. I could upload a song on Soundcloud tomorrow and become a musician, or a comedy routine on YouTube and be a comedian. Let’s start taking charge of our own work and leave our impact on this monumental time in history. By making this blog I’m finally going to get my words out, and my YouTube channel will soon be full of GoPro videos I’ve edited, I’m excited to finally do instead of sitting back and watching others take advantage. I urge you to consider a similar path.

Until Tomorrow,