The reason I am writing to you today is because of the man shown above, Seth Godin. I came across Seth’s work when watching his interview with Chase Jarvis on 30 Days of Genius ( I’ve spent many hours watching interviews with creatives and business leaders, as well as reading numerous books on similar topics and never has anything spoke to me the way Seth’s interview with Chase did. It completely redefined my way of thinking and gave me new direction. Seth speaks on how happiness is a point of view, how we should strive to create work that changes people, as well as tackling fear. While I won’t spoil the entire interview as I feel everyone should watch it and have their own takeaways, I would like to speak to his point on “releasing your genius”.

We tend to think of genius as being a person of high intellect, someone who is smart. However, Seth quotes Elizabeth Gilbert and her Ted Talk “Your Elusive Creative Genius” by saying that genius is a voice in our head that is capable of doing something for the first time. So instead of thinking of genius as a intellectual person, we should be thinking of the fact that genius is something we all carry in our head. It’s a voice that is capable of creating original and genuine work, we just have to let it out.

So how do we let out our inner genius and create original work that transforms people? That’s a question I strive to answer and the main reason behind this blog. I’d like to make a quick post every day about my point of view on something. Hopefully this trains my brain to start thinking critically throughout the day about what my post will be about, I’ll be more curious and observational. With this I’ll be more in tune with my thoughts and capable of channeling them into original work. For those that would like more information on this practice Seth briefly speaks on it at 44:35 in the Youtube video I linked above.

I will not be posting all my entries on social media, probably only the pieces that I’d truly like others to read and react. Thank you to those who read my first entry and I will see you tomorrow.