“Success is a journey but we treat it like a place.”

I’ve considered 2016 as a breakthrough for me of sorts; I’ve learned more about myself and the world we live in more than any year I can remember. Like most people, I started my quest for a greater understanding by reading tons of prescriptive articles and books. I would look all over for anyone to tell me how to live my life and how I could be successful¬†as soon as possible. What I’ve learned along the way however is that prescriptive information actually doesn’t get you any closer to success.¬†We think of success as this end goal, and we try our hardest to find a way to reach it. The truth is success is not a place that you can reach. It’s a journey that you embark on, a journey that you have to enjoy. It’s full of genuine work that you enjoy making.

An up and coming rapper Felly that I follow just got finished with a nationwide tour. He posted on Instagram today saying “my advice to y’all is to not worry about outcomes and to just have fun with it and enjoy the creative process. The outcome is not the important part, all that shit just happens and is out of our control, and doesn’t really matter.” He didn’t go into the creative process of making his music with the goal of a nationwide tour. He went into it with the goal of enjoying making music that he’s proud of, and the outcome was a nationwide tour. Too often nowadays we see musicians sacrifice the art for a goal of selling records or selling out a tour. Don’t make the same mistake with your art. Enjoy the journey and let the outcome take care of itself.