“If I know everything about your external world, I can only predict 10% of your long-term happiness.”

What comes first, happiness or success? Are you happy because you are successful? Or are you successful because you are happy?

It turns out that it’s the latter, you are successful when you are happy. The only problem with this is that we think about it the other way around. We try so hard to reach our goals, then once we reach them we just set new ones. The good news is that you can train your brain to reverse this common misunderstanding. The 21 Day Happiness Challenge was recommended to me from a mentor of mine. It consist of 5 activities you do every day for 21 days. These activities are:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • A random act of kindness
  • Writing down 3 things you are grateful for
  • Journal about one positive experience you had that day

I will be doing this challenge from July 21st-August 10th and I urge you to take it with me.