Chances are if you check Instagram regularly you’ve seen someone with a few thousand followers promoting a brand you’ve never heard of.

This is a type of marketing that has taken off in the fitness community as anyone with a decent body has been a target of companies to promote their detox products or fitness clothes. Companies take “microcelebrities” or people with a huge following on social media that probably aren’t recognizable to the average person and have them pose for their followers with a product.

This type of marketing I believe if used correctly could take off in the near future. Imagine it from a companies perspective. They have a person of influence that has a large organic following that can promote a product without interrupting anything. This type of marketing is also relatively cheap as you are simply sending out free samples of your product.

To get the maximum benefit of microcelebrity marketing I would like for companies to make the celebrity use the product naturally instead of simply posing for a picture with it. If you are selling workout clothes, just get the Instagram user to wear your brand when they take their next workout picture. This way it seems less of a sales pitch and more of a lifestyle brand.

Millennials don’t want emails, they don’t want ads popping up on their phone, they want to use whatever products people that influence them are using. So reach their influences, and you’ll reach them.