We have been trained from a young age to want more. More money means you can buy more things. More followers on Twitter means more people are viewing your tweets and you can get more retweets. We carry this ideal with us into college as well. The person with more experience, and is apart of more clubs, usually is thought to be more successful than the person with less experience and in less clubs. As a senior I’ve noticed a lot of my friends are choosing jobs solely because it offers them more money. And as a marketing major we learn how to get more followers, more impressions, to lead to more sales.

Is this ideal skewed?

What is wrong with impacting a select group of people and focusing on them. What if instead of joining four clubs, you joined one and made a lasting impact? Or instead of growing more followers, you interacted and created a community out of those that you had? This is the ideal that I would like to focus on. I’d rather create a blog that seriously impacts 2 people, than one that appeals to the masses and impacts no one. So before you grow your following just to grow it, think about why you are doing it. Before you take the job with more money, decide if it will continue you on the path to creating the impact you would like to create.