As we know, marketers ruin everything. And very soon Snapchat filters will becoming a very saturated market with little upside. But right now there is a perfect opportunity for you or your business to make a killing creating  filters. It’s an organic feature that allows users to interact and promote your brand without you interrupting anything.

A perfect example would be an outlet store at a mall. If you have a new product you could use old techniques and put a sign on the window or out front which will potentially attract those walking by. But we need to market in the year we live in, Snapchat provides a huge opportunity to reach people throughout the entire mall, and beyond. If you create a filter that showcases your new product while covering the entire square footage of the mall you can bring attention to your store even if someone isn’t walking by it. Hopefully people will post your filter to their story as well which will alert their friends that there is a new product offering at the mall.

Snapchat currently only charges $5/hr for 20,000 square feet. So if you’re debuting a phone case that cost $40, realistically if your filter helped you sell two more cases then it would cover the cost and create a profit.