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About Me


“Genius is an ancient term for the voice in our head that is capable of doing something for the first time… our job is to let the genius out” – Seth Godin

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.

My name is Ben Gerow and I am currently a senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in Marketing Management, with a minor in Communications. The main reason I blog today is to document the journey that I’m on.  Early on in my college career I was focused on checking boxes and following the path of others, in 2016 that all changed. Through the influence of thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Chase Jarvis, and Tim Ferriss I was able to realize we all have unique paths and journeys that we take. My goal is to simply document what I go through and what I’ve learned on my journey, so that others can avoid my mistakes and share the knowledge I’ve gained. This is all slightly different than why I originally started the blog, which you can read about here

I can be contacted by using the contact form on your toolbar, as well as feel free to reach out to me at any of my social medias listed in the top right of your screen.